Health Safety & Environment

AL Rehwan united LLC has for a number of years completed numerous projects in the Sultanate of Oman. Members of our management and supervisors of all disciplines are aware of the importance of safety in construction projects.

In every project of the company, first emphasis is on accident prevention, which is achieved through the implementation of the safety policy of the company. New workers undergo safety introduction course administered by the Safety Officer.

Every new project during the signoff with the client follows “Loss Prevention Program”. In which the Safety Officer shall report directly to the Project Manager. Safety Officer is responsible for the implementation of Safety manual with the cooperation of the management staff, supervisors, foremen and workers of the company. The Safety Officer and his staff shall be responsible in achieving our goal of “No Accidents” up to the completion of the project. Free hand is given the Safety Officer to recommend stoppage of a particular work if there are any lapses in the safety requirements are not followed.

The following plan is presented to indicate safety policy and scope of training offered by AL Rehwan united LLC. In order to maintain a vigorous accident prevention program, thereby eliminating human distress and financial loss. Emphasis is on this comprehensive program, which is aggressively carried out throughout all levels of the company. The program is administered by our Health, Safety and Environment Department.

The AL Rehwan united LLC Organization’s primary area of emphasis is on accident prevention. Knowledgeable and safety conscious employees utilizing good techniques and equipment are the cornerstone of the company’s accident prevention policy. Accidents can be avoided by using good judgment and common sense. Our workforce and supervisors are fully conversant with the recognition of hazards associated with their jobs and we insist that our employees work safely by complying with the necessary precautions. Our accident prevention scheme includes training and education, too. Each new arrival in the company receives a safety indoctrination course administered by the Safety Officer which includes the proper use of protective equipment as outline of hazards which may be encountered on a particular job and a discussion on the individual responsibility in avoiding injury or damage, fire prevention with a demonstration of operating fire extinguishers, the rendering of primary first aid and the established driving policy.

We always plan our projects to ensure that they will be carried out with a high degree of safety for all concerned and that our work will be safe and productive. Our vital interest is to follow the established AL Rehwan united LLC. safety standards and methods of enforcing them, to ensure safe and healthy working conditions and to preserve human resources. All members of our management and supervisors of all grades are well aware that safety must take equal importance with cost and construction and they have a moral and legal responsibility to follow standards as lay down for the project and with the Oman Law.

AL Rehwan united LLC Safety Officer and the full time Safety Aides are responsible for achieving our goal of “No Accidents” by conducting Daily safety meetings, to improve existing work methods, daily job site inspections to recognize unsafe conditions and to ensure that legal and contractual requirements affecting safety and health are complied with. The Safety Officer will also be responsible for the investigation of any injury to personnel or loss or damage to equipment and material and to compile a monthly safety report. Prior to commencement of work, arrangements will be made for first aid facilities to allow prompt attention to the injured in accordance with Oman Law.

Our safety policy and loss prevention program is also based from the U.S. Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirement Manual, EM 385-1-1 which we have constantly implemented in our previous contracts.