Chairman's Message


Mr. Mohamed Hamed Salim Al Ruzaiqi

Chairman (Al Ruzaiqi Group)

In the name of God and praise be to Allah

Al Rehwan United LLC primarily a construction company and  provider of prefabricated structures .  Porta-cabins had modest beginning in terms of capital and projects and there were many teething problems as would any startup company would initially face, but with grace of Almighty Allah and the employs support, these hurdles were overcome and cleared, with much focus laid to growth strategies with participation of work group.

There have been continuous efforts and follow-ups in the implementation, especially adherence to the specification, safety standards of Oman and commitments to the projects signed with the distinguished customers.

Expansion into Hotel Industry with an international group has been a great success for the company.

No success has ever been achieved without failure and I believe that learning from failure is the correct way to success, we promise all our customers to provide the best services and thank all of them for their constant support extended to us till date. I am obliged to my team who makes this happen with the blessing of Almighty Allah.